About Hack&Pitch

Who are we ?

Hack&Pitch is an international initiative that promotes innovation and encourage entrepreneurship around the world.

Our mission is to assist anyone who want to make a usefull technological product that benefits to the society.

We encourage developpers to use the Screendy Plateform because, in a world where time matters, we think it’s the fastest way for making an app easly and without pain.

In fact, building an app with Screendy can take just few hours or days !


By organising Hack&Pitch Hackathons, we want to spread the “hacking philosophy” because we think it’s the best “mindset” for innovation !

By federating people from all horizons (students, freelancers, developpers, designers, marketers, project managers, communicants, etc.) our hackathons facilitates the emergence of a dynamic “IT entrepreneurs” ecosystem that can create sucessfull startups that can change the world !

Our Parteners

The parteners of Hack & Pitch are very importants. They help assure to participants of hackathons the best chances to succeed in their projects.

Mentoring, business model advices, pitch training, prizes for winners, and many more free services are given to them.