What is a Hack&Pitch hackathon ?

hackathon is an event in which people meet and form multi-competence teams composed by computer programmers and others (designers, marketers, project managers, etc. ) to collaborate intensively on software projects.

Hack&Pitch is an international initiative that promotes innovation and encourage entrepreneurship around the world.

 It’s main mission is to assist anyone that has the potentiel to make a usefull technological product that can benefits to the society.

Hack&Pitch Hackathons are a series of hackathons organised each year around the world that allows anyone with an idea to form a team to create usable softwares or objects using Screendy Plateform.

We encourage the use of this plateform because, in a world where time matters, we think it’s the fastest way to make an app easly and without pain !


The participants have 2 days and one night to “hack and pitch” their solutions !

A special jury (composed by professionnels from IT business) select the best projects that can have big impacts on essential fields like education, social or environment.

The winners of Hack & Pitch hackathons have the chance to benefit from the many prizes given by the partners of the events (prize money, free cloud and IT solutions, etc.) and are encouraged to transform their projects into successeful startups with the help of the mentoring program offered by Screendy.

The Hack & Pitch Hackathons are also known for their great atmosphere and friendly community !

“It’s always a unique experience to participate in a Hack & Pitch hackathon !

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