Want to organize a Hackathon in your local area ?

You are an organization or a company and want to organise a Hackathon in your local area?

There are 3 ways of doing it :

1) You can let Hack & Pitch organize and manage it entirely

Hack & Pitch do 100 % of the hackathon management: communication about the event, logistic, organization, mentoring, etc.

Hack & Pitch does it all !


2) You can do a collaboration with Hack & Pitch to manage it

 You manage the communication and logistic in upstream and then Hack & Pitch takes the management once the hackathon is started !


3) You can apply to obtain a license from Hack & Pitch and organize it entirely for yourself

After applying, Hack & Pitch gives you all the guidelines, ressources and materiels to manage it entirely yourself !

“Still, Hack & Pitch is always there for helping you with online technical support !


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